NinCon 97 Via Cthulhia

I have minimal witty commentaries... I'm just trying to get them uploaded. Some photos were not in focus, or too cruel, yet unamusing, to upload. Note the ones that did make it, you'll see I'm still plenty cruel.

If you want to see all my NinCon photos, come to NinCon, where I pass around the hard copy scrapbooks.

"You took seven rolls of photos at NinCon?!
You could have paid my way to TorontoCon for that..."
- Swamp

I have 129 photos uploaded. Yeah, Yeah. I'm psychotic for taking so many pictures. Please let me know if you've copied my graphics onto your server. At this many photos, I may refer folks to your copy and free up my space.

Also, yes... I have reprints... first come, first served. If you expect me to mail 'em, send me money. Otherwise, find me at a MiniCon... or even a Jig, you never know.

Photos are shown in consecutive order. If you want to make a slide show out of them until the video is done...

[nincon lobby hamster pile of love]
Cinngrrl, Dave and The Boa
Jojo, Redsocks...
Raeven & Stacey (under the hair)
Snow and Snowbro (Todd)
Jojo and Risa
John & Zed
Jojo, Eraser, Stark
Cinngrrl & Slavegrrl
Yokes and Jameka
Jason Primeau & Cinngrrl's chest
Oracle & Todd
The Canadians
(Jason lying acrossYokes, Slavegrrl, Oracle and Lissard)

Prophecy & Prymlfere
Jameka on Pryml & The Boa

[maybe that last photo is what got the hamster pile moved to the atrium]
Darrell & Subbie
Lily & Lissard
Official Lily's butt photo #1
Dave doing something while wearing Jojo's skirt, as she watches
Parm und Cow
Donna, Stark & Jameka

Stark inspects his camera this begs to be in a photo montage
Parm, under more chairs this year
Staff line-up
Donna watches Dave and Buck continue last's years affair
Dave caught by surprise
DJ presented with his shirt
genius that I am, I snapped it when they showed the "..." part and not the "except DJ" part
Jojo, Risa and Jojo's box
Staff portrait
Blackrose, Damsel, Dorkus, DJ, Mellybee
Dorkus and DJ kissed? hunh?

[some of us went to see "The Lost World" (the movie, not DJ) while the rest watched "Clerks" in Lily's room... if you upload "clerks" photos, lemme know, I'll link 'em here]

[Schmoozing at Chez Tin-Tin]
Snow, Pryml, Tra-Dog & Franc
Not Lexi, for one thing

[nincon lobby hamster pile of love... still going]
Spellcheck's nostrils
Snobro at the piano
Omigod, it's Trent at the piano
Yokes, Spellcheck, Tra-Dog, Franc
Spellcheck and non-ninnies

[still going]
Ninnies in the Atrium
Haas Fu!
Wendini, Dorkus & Cinngrrl
Cthulhia, Poppagoth, Mommagoth, Cerebus23
no, no, they're not varicose veins... I laced red string licorice through my stockings

[daytripping begins]
Slavegrrl & Haas Fu! in the L station
the best quote, from a conservative non-ninnie pal:
"hmmm they look normal... wait a minute... is her lip pierced?"
Goth Overlook
(Cerebus + Incubus)23
Cinngrrl & Yokes
Mellybee, Charles and Cthulhia at the Big Fist (at the Museum of Science and Industry)
Mellybee, Charles and Redsocks at the Big Fist
Cthulhia in the Ventricle
(Note that one leg of the red licorice has been eaten)

Robman - and not wearing that ministry shirt even

[I also missed Club Meatpie. *I* was out clubbing at Next & Neo - MommaGoth got pictures of it, tho']
Buck isn't the only one who can't be trusted when your camera is left unattended (Poppagoth)

[hamster pile of love continues, with a vengeance]
Lily, DJ and Donna in the Hot Tub
Life continues to suck for DJ

[the banquet begins, amid a constant flashing of cameras]
Mellybee & Cthulhia
Incubus23 & Cthulhia
Incubus23 & mOreta
Stark at the mike
So... Jo-Jo gets the between the tits photo this year? (Sorry Buck).
PoppaGoth, MommaGoth and their new pet (Goth)Bunny!
Blackrose, Damsel & Cthulhia
Cthulhia & Zed
Gnat as Genitorturer
HaazFu, Parmaduke, Halo8 & {O}racle
Jenn & Cthulhia
It's Trent! On the Kazoo!
SuperFistMan (played by Spellcheck)
The DreamDomme Suite
Cthulhia, PoppaGoth, MommaGoth, Halo8
Parmaduke & Cthulhia If you continue to make me this photogenic, Parm, I'll have to start dating you or something...

Cthulhia, Mellybee & CinnGrrl
Ms. Dave & Cthulhia
(if only he meant it...)
SlaveGrrl & Swamp
John, Stacey, Cthulhia & Rich
the best thing is... when I took this picture, the only light was from the flash. Then the little purple fist tuned up in the prints. Bonus!
Stacey & Raeven
Parm und Tape
"Trent" und Tape
other photos involving tape will be in the scrapbook... not here, ok?
Cinngrrl & Ms. Dave so THAT's why they call her Cinngrrl...

[Let the Karaoke Begin]
Eraser, HaasFu, Yokes & Spellcheck

there's even more... then I realized I probably only need a couple of each song Eraser, Haasfu & Robman
A Little Gnat on Haasfu!'s BAA NAA NAA pants
Required Photo of Someone Pointing Camera at Me
(Buck - with group watching karaoke)

Robman can't do the Closerena, ok?
Surreal Closerena photo... because I forgot the flash... turned out even cooler...
Ded & Stark "Heeeeelp Us" during Closerena
DJToell Edit
Franc sings to A Warm Place? Uh...
(Parm in a rare straightfaced moment)
Ms. Dave
[Insert Dave's opinion of how Spellcheck kisses here]
Parm approached Ms. Dave
Ms. Dave mounts Parm
(The video camera was just below me... the look on Parm's face when he crawled away after... )
Life continues to suck for HaazFu! I'd really hate to have Cinngrrl's & Damsel's legs around me at the same time... shucks)
WISHing for Rich
WISHing Rich was Bi?

Lily, er... Trent... whines
Had the nipple clamps fallen off by this point?
Wendini & rEptile
Two Perfect Gentlemen
More man than you'll ever be [for more on this particular topic, ask Stark]
The Perfect Drug
The Perfect Drug
(repeat ... a lot)
C-ko Peeks
Gus and the hot jacket
Spellcheck & mOreta

(I've love to carve a nin logo into spellcheck for an infinite halo...
have fun doing it too...)
Dom Cthulhia (Phtagn)
Well, at least someone spelled out the nin logo for me this year...
Hi Mom!

[waiting for my confessional - 1 phonecall is annoying, 2 made *me* a pest]
Obligatory Photo of Hotel Events Screen
Sir Not Speaking In This Film
Spellcheck, Tra-Dogg, and rEptile
In Confessional
wait, which one's the gay guy? (wonder who rich'll room with Next Year...)
Cthulhia & Lucian
Halo8 & Redsocks
(Explain the watership down thing to me again?)
Darrell & Subby, after
Rich, Neked & Waxed
(Eventually, I hope to get a full neked shot at him, er, of him)

[the morning after, I think... when you're not sleeping days begin to blur... another reason to load these pix in order]
Jason, Jason, Jason
Drizzt & Jamie

I'm sure I reloaded my camera... so... there may even be an 8th roll.

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