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Gorskys Love Letter
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General TenJu Ro'New
Mutation: ID4ism
Description: Abilty to suspend your disbelief in bad movies.
(Mr. Gorsky emailed me this link too, go figure)
Almost Criminally Insane
Faerie Name Generator Berry Snowglimmer? That sounds like a lipstick color!
Gangsta Name Generator Masta Jimmy Jamma
Gimmick Name Generator Soap opera name is: Cairns Slaytonbush
Porn star name is: Bruce [...]
Jedi name is: Tenju Ronew
Jedi 2.0 name is: Tenneju Ronew
Another Star Wars Name Generator Julte Ronew, Yengeo prism of Levoxyl
Wu-Name Generator Misunderstood Menace
Tru-Name Generator raucous Latte
C.Y.B.O.R.G. Generator J.U.L.I.A.: Journeying Unit Limited to Infiltration and Assassination
Professor Poopypants Name Generator Poopsie Gerbilbrains
Glam Name Generator Ginchy Tinselcake
Kabalarian Name Analysis I should never have given up the nickname "Julie"
Bond Girl Name Casta Spellonmi
Old Skool Generator I have to "randomly" pick a 3 digit number? yeah, right.
Hawaian Name Generator Iulia Kenei
U.S. Name Generator AMANDA BANKS
The Louis Farrakhan African Name Generator Cinque
"Israeli Reggae" Name Generator [name changes each time I try it: Sister Rose, Don I, Yabby Rico
Anagrams Any net Julie, Eaten in July, Janet in yule, In jaunty eel, Teeny Julian, June yet nail, Nine July tea, Elite jay nun...
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