What's My Sign?

An amusing Aquarius™ variation for 2-3 players. Similar to "What's my number?" or "What's On My Head?"


Aquarius is the second card game from Looney Labs. The Boston Warren is addicted to a sub-game variant, AquaChicken. Our new version was referred to as SuperAquaChicken, or Liar's Aquarius, until Denis had an inspiration.

What You'll Need

How to Play

Standard Aquarius rules except that you are allowed to see everyone else's goal but NOT your own. (Two goals need to be kept hidden, on the table, or it's too easy to figure out your own goal.)

Trade Goals obliges you to trade with the two or three hidden goals.

Still Beta Testing

Denis, Jason and I played three rounds of this and really enjoyed it, perhaps more than standard Aquarius (if in the mood to stick cards on your head). But we are still working out the details, particularly with the Trade Goals restrictions. Suggestions Welcome!

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November 2002